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Samsung Note 10 design and appearance Rumors from South Korea, originally stated that Galaxy Note 10 can be a Samsung phone that is completely without a button and the tightened side of HTC expected to be used switch to the front of the device and of course Samsung Galaxy S10 have adopted a hole hole scissor design allows the screen to push the bazel into almost nothing Galaxy Note 10 will also show cout out camera pounds but unlike CC S10 it will be positioned centrally Note 10 screen will have an aspect ratio of 19: 9 which is the same as galaxy S10 + and resolution of 3040 x1440 this is based on the HTML 5 test on modules with serial number SM-N976 V speculate as a bigger samsung note 10 pro it is believed that the note 10 model is standard will pack a 6.3 inch screen while the pro version will be 6.75 inches presumably the design will be the same in every line my smartprice has claimed that note 10 will be available in 5 colors Black, white, silver, red and pink The last 2 colors will be welcomed character enhancements in range @onleaks is a twitter tip that is generally reliable and he has released 3D rendering videos above which shows note 10 from every possible angle with a large curved screen that looks very deep These are many strong similarities with rendering being destroyed and encourage to see this consensus emerge one of the main debates surrounding the design of note 10 is maintaining a handphone jack in the note 10 camera settings department will definitely borrow a reasonable amount from galaxy S10 lots of leaks and rumors seems to indicate that this would mean 3 camera business with 3 sensors arranged side by side this report shows that it will cover 12MP with variable 3 sensor stages 16MP super wide angle lens with f1.9 aperture and 123 degree openings in the field of view that's our assessment of the rumors so far .

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