Navigating with a B&G Zeus Display and Autopilot

Today we're navigating aboard a Lagoon 450 on our way from Alameda to Napa First I'm going to show you, on this B&G Zeus 2 is the chartplotter here we see our vessel in the center of our screen we have a course indicator ahead of us showing that we're going to be moving just to the right of the green buoy one thing you also see is our lay lines these lay lines are adjusted from the mark and from the vessel we're right now using the autopilot in navigation mode and when we use the autopilot in navigation mode it's necessary to have an active waypoint and we can see that Waypoint set right there if we wanted to cancel that Waypoint we use the navigation menu option and we hit cancel if we want to change our course We would use the autopilot tile go to heading hold then change the commanded heading angle and what I'm doing now is canceling the navigation mode if I try to use that navigation mode again the system will tell me we're not navigating Now I've decided to go to exactly that point on the chart I'll place my cursor where I want to go I use go to then go-to cursor you'll note for races marks any place you know the coordinates to you can also enter the coordinates directly so now the autopilot's still in a magnetic heading hold mode choose the heading hold mode then go back into navigation mode you'll see a slight turn to the right and we are now navigating to this waypoint if we wanted to use a more permanent type of Waypoint perhaps we have one there we go to the main menu and new and I'm gonna put a new waypoint we can name it anything we wanted I'm just gonna use car for Carquinez Strait now we have car boom! you'll note that if I press the cursor put the cursor on the chart item an information bar pops up after a second it goes away instead of having to press again or if indeed there were a couple of chart items close together and you can't get exactly what you wanted use the menu and use info it brings up a list of all the options next to us here we see that Waypoint I made along with the channel marker 12 I've selected that waypoint from that list in the info bar I'm going to use go to now we see we have an active Waypoint now that's around the waypoint were using to navigate to. .

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