Samsung 4K SmartTV Review!

hi guys I'm Isaac and this is Luiz from Mediocre Geeks and today were going to be doing a review of the Samsung series 7 4k TV so let's jump right into it so Samsung has been manufacturing TVs for a long time now and this is just one in their series of Smart TVs and 4k resolution TVs that has built-in functionality to browse the Internet or connect to a local area network and of recent years they've sort of moved to these thin bezels wallpaper like TV designs you can see the detailed specifications on their website to find out a more specific and core information about the products the TV only takes about a second to turn on a resume full activity and it's as easy as pressing the power button on the remote control you can see the thin bezels all around the edges and it has punchy and bright colors that makes the user experience more captivating all ports are located at the right side of the TV it has two USB ports three HDMI ports one is currently connected to our decoder it has an Ethernet jack or LAN port it also has AV and of course it has coax there is a quick settings menu to snappily switch between video modes or access various services and a notification panel where notifications show up connecting to a Wi-Fi network is not so difficult and it's just like you would expect on any Wi-Fi capable device the TV runs on Tizen OS there is an auto-update feature or you can manually check for updates every once in a while there might be bug fixes or just new cool stuffs that you can actually find it has an app store with tons of apps of different categories you can install and play games or even any app you can find the didn't come pre-installed with the operating system it has an e-manual you can use it if you ever get confused about certain operations and also an antivirus security for TV if you ever needed that and all this works just the way it would on a smartphone OS it has a pre-installed browser samsung internet on TV you can visit any URL or search anything on google and it also has a cursor to work your way around the interface it has Netflix already installed you can stream movies and TV shows it also has Amazon Prime that does pretty much the same thing opening applications doesn't take a long time the interface is user-friendly they have a lot of movies and TV shows to browse through in different categories and it's all just stress free doing all this from the comfort of your couch quick settings can also access a USB Drive and it pops up a file manager to browse through the drive it can open folders and subfolders like a file explorer would it can play audio files and video files you can seek through media files by using the arrow button on the remote gaming really brings out the 4k REZ of the TV and the colors are really bright and vivid we decided to try out Batman and as you can see it's a very immersive experience we also tried out GTA5 and a couple of other games on console and they all turned out to be really really good the price varies depending on what size and model you buy this one is 40 inches and goes for about $350 from Best Buy which is about a 127,000 in Naira and it ships down to Nigeria for about a $160 which is about 58,000 in Naira overall is sums up to about $510 which is about a 185,000 in Naira. So that's it for today's video guys don't forget to smash that like button, Please subscribe to our Channel and hit that Bell icon so you won't miss any future Videos, thank you guys for watching.... see ya .

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