Samsung Galaxy A30 review: better than the Galaxy M30?

Samsung has launched a ton of his new smartphones recently beat the Galaxy S series the M series or the Galaxy a series now following the trend is the new Galaxy 830 which seems pretty good on paper however having used the device for the past two weeks I find it kind of hard to understand what Samsung was actually thinking with this device hey guys it's Varun from Mr. phone and today I'll be talking about the galaxy a 30 and why I feel it is the best phone that should not have existed allow me to cut something short the reason why I feel the galaxy 830 should not exist is because we already have the galaxy n39 the galaxy 830 it's basically a trimmed-down version of the galaxy and 30 except that it still manages to cost us 2,000 extra more don't believe me well let's take a look first off there's the display which is identical to the m30 and trust me I love it the display on this is pretty much the best in a budget smartphone that you can get the six point four inch full HD plus Super AMOLED display makes everything look crispy and appealing also it is white wine l1 certified so Netflix and Amazon Prime at the highest resolutions are not a problem the overall design of this phone is great too you instantly get that grip enos from the device despite its size under the hood there's x07 9:04 with 4gb of ram and well performance here is T sin oh wait aren't those the same specs as the galaxy N 30 yeah and just like the galaxy m33 30 performs decently I give credit where it is due which is that I am yet to face any lag or hiccups in the normal day-to-day activities however try gaming on this and you'll hold your head I tried playing pub G on this and while the device was able to run it at a medium graphics setting and ultra FPS it did crash out randomly after a good 20 to 25 minutes and those random crushes just keep on happening basically in reference to gaming the galaxy authority is good but it's just not reliable now if cameras are what interests you the galaxy 830 could be a good option I mean it's no right we know it's an Pro but it still ain't bad either the galaxy 830 comes with a 16 megapixel primary shooter alongside a 5 megapixel ultra might shoot oh I have always admired such a setup where you can choose between standard and ultra wide in the camera samples on your screen you can see that the galaxy a 30 does a decent job the subject looks clear and even the portrait mode looks good despite the lack of a depth sensor in night photography if the noise does start to creep in but I wouldn't expect anything better from a device at this price point oh by the way the galaxy n 30 has a triple camera setup on the back just saying any way over to the front and the selfies are great too in clear Samson fashion there is a noticeable amount of saturation present here also the images are slightly soft so there's that is that a deal-breaker though not entirely but yeah I do expect a bit better from Samsung now one area where the galaxy 830 does win over the m30 is the UI yes they're both Samsung but the galaxy authority comes with the latest one UI based on hundred nine five and trust me it is such a pleasure to use yes my vote for the favorite OS still goes to oxygen OS but x optimization from 100 usage one you wipe might just be the next best thing and just when things were looking good for the galaxy a thirty-day m30 comes with it's beefy battery you see the galaxy 830 comes with a beefy 4000 image battery which is quite big but it's still shadowed by the 5000 mAh battery on the galaxy m31 it comes to charging the galaxy a3 supports a fast charge of up to 15 watt which in my testing took a little over 100 minutes to fully charge the device now onto the verdict is the galaxy a 30 really that good you see the only advantage that the galaxy Authority has over the galaxy and 30 is the UI it has Samsung's latest 1u while whereas the galaxy m32 the old lo Samsung experience 9.5 however even that aspect can be fixed by a software update which should be coming in the next few weeks apart from that the galaxy m30 that the galaxy 830 doors and then some in fact it actually improves upon it you see the galaxy n30 offers a triple camera set up an extra 1,000 image battery the same display and whatnot so if you can save up to rupees 2000 then why not there is something to be said about the galaxy a 13 which is it's offline availability you see the galaxy m34 sale only via online channels however the galaxy a 30 is for those who actually want to go to a retail store and purchase it in front of their eyes charging a premium of rupees 2000 or actually even more might not seem worth to most but then again the galaxy 830 does give you an option all that said personally I feel that if you like to galaxy a 30 then just buy the galaxy m34 'td well that was my review of the galaxy a 30 let me know in the comments below if there are some suggestions that you have for me or certain questions that you felt were unanswered also make sure to subscribe to mr. phone and hit that Bell icon to stay tuned for all our upcoming videos well that's me signing off and I'll see you in the next one .

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