Top 4 features in Samsung!

Guys welcome back to my Channel, Talented Tech Guy! In this video. I will show you four tips and tricks you can do on your Samsung smartphone. So let's get started Before We dive in Make sure to subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon And receive notifications whenever I upload a new video so let's get started The first feature is called Assistant Menu let me show you The assistant menu Menu, which I am moving. Let me show you how to enable this Go to settings and then Go to Accessibility and then dexterity and interaction and then assistant Menu you can also Change the opacity of this And Let me tell you what all the advantages are - You can lock your screen you can also change the volume of your phone you can take screenshots of your screen that's all but I really like this feature so let's move to the other feature which is clock style and as you can see in this app, on Samsung you can check or uncheck whatever you are doing or what you have done Now the next feature is Clock Style So, for that Go to settings and go to lock screen and then under clock and information you can see clock style There are multiple clock styles you can choose from and you can also change the colour of it There is also a colour wheel You can pick any colour which you want. The next feature which is list view - for that go to recent apps and press the three dots where you can see an option called list view. It is more comfortable if you have many running apps So the last feature is Quick App Switch Let me tell you the advantage of this If you want to see a number from any app. Let's type 1 3 5 Any number you type, and you just want to copy or type the same number, so by double tapping recent apps, you can see or you can type the number or word 1 3 - like this. I hope you liked this video. Comment down below if you don't like this type of video content. Make sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram for latest updates. Thank you. .

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