Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Fisayo here and this is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, I was live at the launch of the Note 10 and also, we were able to get a hands on experience before it was launched so this is my review after 24 hours of using it. This time Samsung is releasing 2 different versions, The Note 10 and the Note 10+, if you want to skip ahead in this video, I’ve provided time stamps in the description to find different sections of this video. Without further ado, let’s get to the video.

First off, taking about the display: the regular or smaller Note 10 comes with 6.3inch FHD+ Display, Dual Hybrid SIM but single sim on the 5G version which may not come to Nigeria, the front camera is a 10MP F2.2 sensor and on the back, we’ve got a triple camera set up. 16MP f2.2 Ultrawide which I tested and was just as wide as the K20 Pro, 12MP wide angle lens, with dual apertures 1.5 and 2.4 and then we’ve got a 12MP telephoto lens with an aperture of 2.1 Both displays look really good and I liked how they looked more curved to the edge, definitely one of the most attractive phones I’ve held this year if not the most. Still on the Note 10, we’ve got a minimum storage of 256GB and 8GB of RAM. Battery is 3,500mAh and this phone’s got 3 microphones, at the top bottom and back of the phone and of course there’s no headphone jack. On the big brother however, which is the Note 10+ that I have with me, it’s quite bigger at 6.8 inch WQHD+ compared to 6.3 on the regular note 10.

You’ve got the same front camera, 10MP f2.2 however you’ve got 4 camera sensors on the back of the Note 10+ making it a total of 5 cameras on this device.. 5 cameras. The specs of the 4 cameras on the back are pretty much the same, 16MP f2.2 ultra wide, 12MP dual aperture wide main camera, 12MP telephoto and the unique one on the Note 10+ is the DepthVision Camera to aid portrait mode and get that blurry background effect which I’ll have to test in my review video. One thing that’s also unique about both camera is something called Zoom in Audio. Basically when you zoom in while recording video, it’s also captures distant sound. I tested this out and it worked quite well As far as the storage situation is on the Note 10+ RAM is a whopping 12GB while storage is at least 256GB then you can go up to 512GB and even expand the storage further by a 1TB memory card. This was the rage all of last year and it’s pretty normal this time. As far as battery goes on the Note 10+ you get 4,300 mAh and according to my source, he streamed YouTube straight for 10 hours on the 10+ and that was when the low battery sign of 10% came in. Well since the Launch when I got mine, I didn’t plug it in and it only showed battery low the next day at 13%. The Note 10 and 10+ have 3 microphones and no headphone jack. But in the box it comes with a USB C headphone and according to my sources, this is basically to encourage people to buy the Galaxy Buds, taking a page off of Apple’s books with regards to the Airpods, we’ll see how this goes.

Now another reason why Samsung took away the headphone jack is to make the device slimmer and it did look slimmer and Samsung says a 3rd reason for the removal is to add 100mAh to the battery and improve the haptic feedback performance, Yes I did note the feel of the haptic feedback being more intuitive BUT. Basically, it’s time to get Galaxy Buds. That’s what they’re just telling you. On the body, on the bottom, it’s just a microphone, USB C port, speaker and the SPen. There’s nothing on the right side, and the left side has the side button and volume key. They call it side button because you power off the device with a long press, a long press gets you Bixby and so to turn off the device, you’ll have to go to the Notifications to do so. This side button can be remapped to power off, it can also be remapped to launch camera basically remapping a double tap or a single tap which can also function for launching an app. During my usage, because I’ve been so used to the power button being on the right, I couldn’t and still am not used to this placement but I’ll get used to it. On top there’s another microphone and a second speaker. So it’s got stereo speakers of course, fine tuned by AKG, apart from how Loud it sounded, it sounded great. The Note 10 and Note 10 Pro comes in 5 colors; Aura Glow which is the main attraction, Aura Black, and Aura white, these 3 are available in Nigeria while Aura blue and pink are the other options which are not available in Nigeria.

The body of this guy is a fingerprint magnet because it’s 6 glass, Gorilla Glass 6 to be specific but I got this leather case with this device. In terms of performance, Samsung is prioritizing a faster processor, they’re also talking about the maximum storage as well as the 12GB ram which you would normally get on a laptop, the battery optimization and wireless PowerShare. Samsung really tries to liken this device to a laptop replacement. The processor is a 7nm processor, for the European market and UK its the Exynos 9825 chipset but the US version should come with a Snapdragon 855 chipset. This is in the same 7nm gang with the iPhone XS and XS Max and the high end Huawei devices on the Kirin line that will be coming soon. Battery like I mentioned is looking to be great at 3,500 for the note 10 and 4,300 for the Note 10+ it’s capable of up to 45W fast charging which is crazy fast but you’ll have to buy that charging adapter separately. You can charge another phone with the Note 10+ wirelessly or charge an accessory like the Galaxy Buds but you may not be able to charge of the battery is below 30% Other things include Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and it’s of course IP68 water resistant up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes. Now as far as the SPen, it did get some improvements as well. Samsung says the improvements here are to aid productivity and one of the main improvements that the new S-Pen comes with is Air Gesture it Air Actions as branded. You can press the button and wave the pen right or left in the air to control and swipe on screen and its functionalities. This works mostly in the camera app making the S Pen remote come to life.

Controls are mainly for changing camera modes, changing the functions and zooming in and out. Other improvements on the S Pen are in terms of note taking where you can quickly transcribe a handwritten scribble into text that you can copy and paste. This can be done easily just by touching. You can also easily screen record sections of the screen with the S Pen while writing or drawing on it. More productivity options include the linking to windows, making your phone like a laptop and of course, using the SPen as a remote for presentations. This is something I can find useful personally. As far as the camera, the wide angle lenses are 123 degrees just 3 degrees above human eyes basically according to what I checked, it’s similar to the wide angle on the K20 Pro like I said which has a similar processor. You still get all the normal slow motion and super slow motion features you’d get on the previous devices and as far as what’s new, it’s basically LIVE video focus mode where you get to choose up to 4 different background blur options, even a glitch and it really helps that it’s for Dual Optical Image Stabilization (that’s in wide angle and telephoto). Image quality was quite good on this device. I thought the selfies were sharp as well as smooth somehow but they were usable and images with the rear cameras are definitely worth it.

To unlock the Note 10 you’ve got your normal ultrasonic sensor and face recognition and that’s pretty much it for my impressions. As far as pricing on the Note 10 and Note 10+ the Note 10 starts at 330,500 Naira or $949 while the Note 10+ is 384,000 Naira or $1099 also check the description of this video to find out more information on this guy. Also do you have any questions? Do drop a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond. Do like this video if you found it useful, hit that subscribe button for more videos on the Note 10+ and turn on notifications so you’ll be the first to know when I upload a new video. Thank you for watching and I’ll talk to you in the next one!

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